Our Process

This online SwitchRx tool was conceived and developed by a group of Canadian clinicians with the goal of providing readily accessible and up-to-date guidance to physicians in the optimal transition of patients from a typical antipsychotic to an atypical antipsychotic, or from one atypical antipsychotic to another.

The content is based on published evidence, where available. However, since there are few randomized controlled trials to guide clinicians on optimal switching strategies, some of the advice offered through this online tool is based on the collective expertise of a panel of Canadian psychiatry and psychopharmacology experts, who are experienced in using antipsychotics in the clinical setting.

All members of this Expert Panel independently reviewed and provided their clinical input on the switching strategies suggested on this Web site.

This online Switch Rx tool is meant to serve as a guide, and in no way is it meant to replace good clinical judgment and experience. All titration schedules may be slowed down or completed more rapidly, depending on an individual patient’s response and tolerance.

Recommended doses and titrations are primarily based on the respective agents’ Product Monograph accessed via Health Canada’s Drug Product Database. Some clinically based dose comments are provided, based on the collective experience and knowledge of the Expert Panel. When antipsychotics are used in patients with mood or anxiety disorders, lower target doses are usually recommended, therefore titration to full dose may occur more quickly.

Users are encouraged to contribute input regarding the content or the website itself. Feedback links can be found throughout the website once a user has logged in.